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PUBG Tournament App AIA with Admin APP For Kodular || AIA World

Hello Friends



This is the first AIA file which I am going to give you. Today i am going to give you one of the best aia file ever. Now a day, this app is in the trending list of the app market. So i am going to provide the PUBG Tournament App. Wait…..and with the Admin App . Hurrraaahhh…

So lets explore the features of the user app.





When you open this app then you can sign in with google account which is better than a long list to fill up. After that you need to fill up your PUGB name, PUBG character ID or your Paytm number in a list which will appear after the sign up and the details will fix with the Email which will you chose to sign up. 





When you fill up and Submit than the main Screen you see. Every match you will see in the screen. And also there is a side menu where you can see Offer section, Wallet section, My matches (Which match you join you can see there every details), Share and Exit. 

















In the Wallet section you can Add Money in your wallet, Withdraw money from your wallet and also you can change the Paytm number. So cool…!!!!

User App is for user. And the app UI (design) is mind blowing. The user can do these in the app—

  • Sign in with google
  • Join Match
  • Check Match Result
  • Check already joined matches
  • Add Balance
  • Withdraw money
  • Change PAYTM number



Ok lest explore the Admin App. 


In the Admin app you can create matches. You can see in the left picture about the screen . There you can set game type (Solo, Duo or Squad), Game map (Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi or Sanhok), and the Room ID or Room Password do not fill up. Before 15 minutes  of the game about to start, just fill that. You can also fill up, there is no problem. After that the maths date  time, Entree fees, Prize Amount and prize per kill.


And also there is a side menu. You can see in the right picture Where there is Matches , Payment management, Money management and Log out Button.







In the matches section you can easily delete the matches. and in the Payment management section you can change the payment link , in which the user will add money during Add Money. So this Admin app will make you comfortable to manage the App.








And in the last section Money management, You can send the money in the user app when user win the match. And When the Redeem the money, You got notification in your Firebase Account. So you can use there AIA file and make money. 









In this Admin app you can do there things-

  • Create Match
  • Check all matches
  • Add winners to matches
  • Change payment urls
  • Send money to user

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Watch Google Sign in Configuration Video:

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Sample Sheet:


Watch The Video Tutorial for better understanding


And also do check the video for database Connection



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