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Snake And Ladder Game AIA File For Kodular || AIA World

Hello Friends


Today I am going to share one of the most trending apps. The name of the app is “Snake And Lader” and the developer is “Jatin And AIAcart” (According to the package name of the app).



This is the Logo Of the App but you can change the logo in the AIA file which I am going to share with you guys.






When You open the app you can see the main screen which looks like this –



Okay…..Let’s move forward……









After that, you can see 4 (four) buttons. You can see in the picture.


Settings are to pause or start the music.

CPU is to play the game with the computer or with the system. When you do not have a friend then you can play this game with CPU. And the Player is to play the game with your friends or with your family or someone else.




Yeah…You can play this game with 2 players, 3 players and with 4 players.


Every Player can choose the color. The design is not so premium but How anyone gives you a premium app without money. So you need to improve the UI of the App. You can change it by going to Kodular and importing the AIA file into Kodular. You need some basic skill to develop it.












This Is the gameplay screenshot. It looks like this when you play the game.

In the Left bottom, there is the Home button and In the Right bottom, there is the Exit button. And in The middle of the Bottom, the Dice is there. Just waiting when someone clicks him. Just joking…………



 This Is the Complete Review of the AIA file


Okay, Let’s move to Kodular and see what changes we need to change to make the AIA own.


First Log into Kodular and click Import-Package. After a few loading time you can see the main menu. Just go to Screen 1 And change the App name and remember to change the Package Name Which is the most important things in any AIA file. Otherwise, it will not run in your Android phone when you export and try to install in your Phone. You can also add an Admob RewardedVideo by dragging from the monetization. After that just Export the AIA file and Share with your friends OR You can also promote Your app to make money


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Download AIA file of Snake and Lader –