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How to Promote an App

Their are Five basic way to promote an app

  • The first one is Adword
  • The second is App Store Or Play Store
  • The Third is Blog or Website
  • The Forth is Youtube
  • The Fifth is Referral System


This is the best way to promote an app but it is costly way to promote an app. Google promote your app in any website or youtube. But you need to pay them by every installation of your app. But You have the all control where your app should be shown and mane more feature them give you.

App store or Play store

First you need to make an account in app store or play store

than you able to upload your app but you need to make it viral by yourself so it is hard

Blog or Website

This is one of great way to promote. But you also need hardwork. You need a very good theme or layout which attract visitor to download your app.


Youtube is the second great way to promote your app. You need to pay an creator to promote your app in his channel. so it is easy but you need to pay him. Basically some youtuber or creator demand 200 Rs to 600 Rs. But some of them demand 1000 Rs or more.


Refferal system is like youtube but the different is Youtube is less work and Refferal is hard. You should Provide refferal link in your app where user reffer with his friend and earn with refferal bonus. So you need to pay them per installation.

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